new orleans

Quick trip. Two days driving one day visiting. My favorite part of the drive was coming over the bridge friday evening and seeing the city. It was nothing but darkness and cars and water (intracostal waterway?) and then voila – New Orleans sparkling. Beautiful.

Everyone was friendly and between my guides I had a whirligig tour of a few different areas that seemed to blend seamlessly from affluent, charming, colorful and cozy to beaten. Would have been nice to have time to photograph and sketch. So much stunning architecture, tasty food, new to me flora and there’s a quirky feel to the collective interactions. Locals vs. tourists? I don’t know what it was. Not uncomfortable though.

Given more time I would have loved to attend Prospect.1 New Orleans which looks fantastic and takes place in different museums, historical buildings and such across the city. I’ll have to hitch back before January 18th.

Thanks to Kevin for letting me crash his moving weekend.


The digital camera has just about pooped out and when it’s not turning everything black and violet or striped, it’s just making everything look like it went through a bad round of photoshop. I’ve abandoned it on J’s desk because it was pushing it’s luck with every other photo. It’s a love-hate relationship.

favorite wonkies

pears and pumpkins

Happy November! I always forget the the first of November is beautiful but it won’t be long till everything is grey and cool and cozy.

Autumn has been beautiful and everyone’s trees were full of apples and pears this season. I’ve made pies, and dried fruit and applesauce to last the year. I gathered a few more pears at Mom’s yesterday. They are just like candy after they’re dried.

Halloween day Liz, Little Owl, and I went to Cooking on the Square and bought our bowl of gumbo in support of Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes I love living in a small town because of all the friendly faces and we had such a nice walk there and back.

Halloween night Jason and I carved our pumpkin, had a couple of trick-or treaters and headed to Knoxville to see Casey’s show. Lots of fun. Take note of my crazy mad mime dancing skills. Oh Yeah. (Thanks Kevin)

And lastly, a week or so or many days ago one of my brilliant friends came up with the idea of having a woodsy movie night. Leon hosted and built the largest bonfire ever and I swear there were more stars in the sky than has ever been seen before. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and I took some peppermint tea to ward off the cold. It was very Octobery. Hats and gloves and all.